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Straight Edge Razor with 10 double Edge Blades

Straight Edge Razor with 10 double Edge Blades

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Product Features:

🪒[Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Material]: UM Supplies straight blade razor comes with 10 Pack Derby straight blade made with multi colored handle and premium quality stainless steel finish that has been specifically designed to resist rust with complete corrosion resistance.
🤩[100% Satisfaction Guarantee]: UM Supplies mens straight razor comes with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If the customer is not satisfied with the shavette straight razor, simply contact us for a replacement or refund of barber razors for men without any worry.

Package Includes 1x Stainless Steel Straight Razor & 10 Double-Edge Derby Blades
Item Name UM Supplies straight razor with blades
Product Dimensions 5.5 x 1 x 0.1 inches; 2.89 Ounces
Manufacturer UM Supplies
Skin Type Can be used at all hair types
Number of Blades 10-Pack Double Edge Derby Sharp Barber Razor Blades

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Barber Razor

It designs reduces strain on the wrist and making straight raise comfortable and effective option. Combining classic aesthetics with ergonomic design, this razor rests perfectly in your hand, offering a comfortable and luxurious shaving experience.

Experience the timeless art of grooming with our meticulously crafted Classic Edge Straight Razor. Designed to deliver the closest, most precise shave, this razor is the epitome of traditional grooming for the modern gentleman. This men's straight shaving razors come with 10 individually wrapped double-edge blades making it cost-effective and hygienic option for barber and personal grooming.

Pro Tips to Maintain Straight Razor

  • Take your time: Shaving with a straight razor requires patience and precision. Rushing can lead to accidents.
  • Practice makes perfect: Don't be discouraged if your first few shaves aren't perfect. Practice will improve your technique.
  • Maintain your razor: Regularly strop and hone your razor to keep it sharp and efficient.
  • ★ Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Control & Grip

    Straight razor kit is designed to promote a secure grip and precise control that improves hand comfortability that minimizes hand fatigue.

  • 🪒20 Hygienic - Shaving Blade

    UM Supplies straight razor shaving kit includes 10 double-edge straight razor blade that are individually wrapped, making it an economical option.

  • ★ Precautionary Measures

    When using straight blade razor for men, it’s important to follow safety tips, make sure the beard blade is securely locked within safety walls and place the cap accurately to protect the barber blades razor.


1. Why choose the Barber Razor from UM Supplies on the USA Marketplace?

Our Barber Razor is crafted with precision and designed for professional use. Its high-quality stainless steel construction ensures durability, while the ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip. Elevate your grooming experience with [Your Brand]'s Barber Razor, available exclusively on the USA Marketplace.

What makes UM Barber Razor stand out from the rest?

UM's Barber Razor boasts a sleek design, sharp blades, and a hassle-free folding mechanism, making it the go-to choice for barbers and grooming enthusiasts alike. Experience unmatched precision and style with our razor, setting it apart as a top-tier option on the USA Marketplace.

3. Is UM Barber Razor suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Our Barber Razor is not just for professionals; it's also perfect for beginners looking to achieve a clean and precise shave. The user-friendly design ensures safety while providing a professional-quality shave. Step into the world of effortless grooming with [Your Brand].

4. Can I trust the quality of UM Barber Razor when purchasing online?

Rest assured, UM is committed to delivering premium grooming tools. Our Barber Razor, available on the USA Marketplace, is no exception. With numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers, you can trust the quality, durability, and performance of our razor. Your satisfaction is our priority.