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Hair Scissors 6.5 inches with Adjustable Screw

Hair Scissors 6.5 inches with Adjustable Screw

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UM Supplies Hair Scissors 6.5 inches Professional barber scissors with Adjustable Screw | Salon I Women |Men |kids | Pets

✂: [Extremely Sharp Blades: with Super Fine Cut]:

The blades of these shears for hair cutting are passed through an unbelievably detailed process of sharpening and checking by professional masters, which results in extremely sharp blades like razors, the superfine, strong, and long-lasting edge.

💰 [Lifetime Warranty]:

We fully trust the quality, durability, and utility of these barber scissors and this is why we offer a lifetime warranty. Time will show that this hair scissors cuts extremely well, it is resistant and it efficiently fulfills its utility. We offer 100% satisfaction or money back. Invest with no risk.

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Unlock limitless creativity with our Multiuse Hair Dressing Scissors! From precise trims to stylish cuts, our scissors adapt to your every hairstyling need. Elevate your skills and achieve professional results effortlessly. Your go-to tool for versatile beauty.

One tool, endless possibilities for your hairstyling needs.

Multifunctional Hair Cutting Scissor

Versatile hair scissors designed for all hair types, including coarse and textured hair. Precision hair scissors built for tackling even the toughest textures.

"Perfect for all Hair Types"

Ergonomic Design Fine Craftsmanship

Experience precision in every cut with our Hair Scissors. Crafted for excellence, these high-quality sharp blades redefine your hairstyling game.

"Elevate your skills today"

🏆 Superior Quality

Versatile hair scissors perfect for human & pet grooming as well. Ideal for trimming dog fur with precision. Elevate your pet's grooming routine today.

[Get precise cuts with one tool]

  • ⏳ Long Durability

    The long durability of the exceptionally fine edge and the smooth movement of these hair cutting shears is successfully demonstrated countless times, this due to professional processing of professional quality materials.

  • 🏆 Superior Quality tijeras de peluqueria

    The superior quality of the steel of these hair scissors professional is processed and polished professionally, being combined with a standardized screw-on quality, for a smooth movement, fine cutting, precise handling, and a fantastic experience.

  • 💯 Comfortable & Easy to Hold:

    The design of the perfectly humanized handle of these barber shears, makes the cutting precision superior and the excellent comfort pleasant and relaxing. Extra rings can be added for an extra tight grip or for those with little fingers.


What makes UM Supplies Hair Scissors stand out from others in the market?

Our hair scissors are crafted with precision and quality materials to ensure a superior cutting experience. The 6.5-inch size provides versatility for various styling needs.

Are these hair scissors suitable for both professional hairstylists and personal use?

Absolutely! Our UM Supplies Hair Scissors are designed for professionals in salons as well as individuals looking for high-quality scissors to use at home. They offer the perfect blend of performance and ease of use.

Can I use these scissors for cutting all hair types?

Yes, our scissors are versatile and suitable for cutting all hair types. Whether you have thick or fine hair, these scissors are designed to deliver precise and clean cuts.

How durable are UM Supplies Hair Scissors, and what maintenance do they require?

These scissors are built to last with durable materials. To maintain their performance, we recommend regular cleaning and occasional oiling. Proper care ensures longevity and consistent cutting precision.